Bath Salts – Another Perfect Add On




100% Natural | Vegan | Organic Rose Petals

Soothe the mind, body & soul with this beautiful jar of bath salts that are 100% natural, vegan & chemical free and packaged in a reusable glass jar! Layered with Organic Rose Petals, Epsom Salt & Himalayan Salt.


These healing salts with rose petals not only smell divine but provide a massive list of health and healing benefits! Including:

– Relaxing the nervous system

– Assists on curing some skin problems

– Soothing back pain and aching limbs

– Easing muscle strain

– Helping to heal cuts and open wounds

– Assists in treating colds and congestion

– Drawing toxins from the body

+ many more!



1x 250ml jar of layered salts topped with rose petals.